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Spanish Six bottle selection An exciting mix of six wines from Spain... Product #: SPR02 based on 0 reviews Regular price: $61.20 $61.20 30

Spanish Six bottle selection

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Spain has so much to offer and its almost unfair trying to sqeeze this into a six bottle selection. From easy drinking Rioja through to full bodied Toro on the reds. With the whites we have the fresh and crisp Estaban Martin through to the rich and heavy Malvasia from an old and very small plot.

  • 1 bottle of Ugarte Cosecha 2019 Rioja Spain
  • 1 bottle of Estaban Martin Garnacha Syrah 2020Cariñena Spain
  • 1 bottle of Monte La Reina Roble 2018 Toro Spain
  • 1 bottle of Estaban Martin Chardonnay Macabeo 2021 Cariñena Spain
  • 1 bottle of Monte La Reina Verdejo 2020 Toro Spain
  • 1 bottle of Ugarte Malvasia 2021 Rioja Spain

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