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Adega De Moncão, Vinho Verde Portugal

Adega De Moncão, Vinho Verde Portugal

It is located in the middle of the delimited “Vinhos Verdes” region in the sub-region of Monção e Melgaço (north-western part of Portugal – boarder towns with Galicia-Spain) and the use of the term “Vinho Verde Alvarinho” was recognized and exclusively given to this region.

The Guarantee of it’s products is due to it’s raw material, allied with a careful selection of it’s grapes when entering the winery, combined with the modern technology of winemaking and personal contact with it’s customers. Recognized nationwide, its wines are also enjoyed and valued in other countries around Europe, Africa, North an South America.

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Adega de Moncoa Alvarinho Deu La Deu 2020

Tropical and mineral on the palate with a dry finish


Adega de Moncao Vino Verde 2022

Crisp and refreshing in style with a refreshing light spritz on the palate. 


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