Domaine Mont-Auriol, Côtes de Thongue France

Domaine Mont-Auriol, Côtes de Thongue France

Situated in the Herault region, close to the Mediterranean Sea, the Domaine de Mont Auriol once was a Royal Estate and has belonged to the Sarret family for thirteen generations. Of the 350 hectares of the estate, 110 hectares are planted with vines. The vineyard is spread across a chain of hills that face south over the Golfe du Lion. The vines grow on the canopy. No herbicides are used, but organic fertilizers with biodynamic culture. A mechanical harvest is carried out and total de-stemming. Maceration is made in stainless steel, concrete and fibre glass vats. All wines benefit from being bottled at the domain using our own on site plant.

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Domaine le Bosquet Merlot Cabernet 2018

A supple wine with spicy black hedgerow fruits, grippy tannins and a warm soft finish.


- +
Domaine le Bosquet Sauvignon Viognier 2020

Fresh citrus and gooseberry notes from the Sauvignon with a hint of underlying peaches from the Viognier.


- +
Domaine De Mont Auriol Chardonnay 2020

Dry and delicate buttery fruit with a hint of peach and apricots. Enticing and easy drinking.


- +
Domaine De Mont Auriol Grand Blanc 2018

Brilliant gold in colour, aromas of honey, dried apricot and bananas, underlined by a hint of vanilla.


- +
Domaine De Mont Auriol Sauvignon Blanc 2019

Clean and fresh herbaceous character, dry on the palate with a refreshing crisp finish.


- +
Domaine De Mont Auriol Viognier 2020

An elegant floral apricot nose overflowing with dried apricot and almond notes on the palate.


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