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Having just had a glance at Hugh Johnsons “World Atlas of Wine” to see what they say about Lebanon’s vineyards, a little shocked to see one small paragraph which is only just bigger than the Iran section, which at the time of publishing states “no official wine industry”. Admittedly it’s an earlier edition, but the Lebanon had been producing outstanding wines for years. It’s only a small section for us, but we have found two wines which we feel are definitely worth tasting: Chateau Ka Source De Rouge and Chateau Ka Source De Blanc.

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Château Ka Source de Rouge 2017

A delicate bouquet of red fruits and subtle spice, whilst red pepper and soft tannins add to the complex structure.


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Château Ka Source de Blanc 2014

This unique blend of grape varieties creates this exceptionally satisfying wine. Floral and citrussy with great character.


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