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Monte La Reina, Toro, Spain

Monte La Reina, Toro, Spain

Monte la Reina is a young, modern and dynamic winery , formed by a multidisciplinary team willing to give the best of themselves to offer the best product. We believe in innovation and get involved to the fullest in each of our projects seeking a continuous improvement that satisfies our customers around the world.

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Monte La Reina Crianza 2019

 Absolutely stunning harmonius structure and enticing character, we are such a fan of this wine.


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Monte La Reina Verdejo 2020

A light and refreshing dry white with notes of crisp citrus, elegant structure and long finish.


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Monte La Reina Cuvée Privée 2019

The grapes are sourced from very old vines giving full of rich dark fruits, enticing spice notes and wonderful complexity.


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Monte La Reina Roble 2018

Fresh morello cherry and spiced plummy notes, giving a rich warming feeling with great depth and fine structure.


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