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Groote Post Shiraz 2017 An elegant Shiraz with well rounded taninns, smokey spice and rich dark fruit notes... Product #: SA53 based on 0 reviews Regular price: $15.75 $15.75 2

Groote Post Shiraz 2017

Product Code: SA53
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Ageing; Stainless Steel 14 months in oak barrels 

Structure; Dry Red

Food pairing ideas; Roast or grilled Beef or Venison and if you can find it, Bison works well too!

Description;  An elegant Shiraz with well rounded tanins, smokey spice and rich dark fruits.

Producer Profile; 

Third and fourth generation dairymen, Peter and Nick Pentz are hoping that like cream, their Groote Post wines will come out on top.
When they set out to establish their vineyards, they identified 1000 hectares as potential sites for quality vineyards. However, they eventually settled on the best 140 hectares available and have 107 hectares planted to date. Their philosophy has been carried through to the cellar where only the best will be vinified with the remaining grapes being sold off.
Peter and Nick fully support the Biodiversity & Wine Initiative, a partnership between the South African wine industry and the conservation sector to minimise the further loss of threatened natural habitat, and to contribute to sustainable wine production, through the adoption of biodiversity guidelines by the South African wine industry. This care for nature and the environment shows in their wines, from soil to bottle, every stage of the winemaking process is given the attention it needs to produce the most enjoyable wines.


Alcohol: 14%
Bottle Size: 75cl
Country: South Africa
Vintage: 2017

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